Clarins Hydra-Essential Review

The Hydra-Essential has been really nice on my skin despite my pickiness. Will it ever fully replace my current moisturizer routine? Thats to be determined…

I have to say, I am a stickler for my favourite beauty products. Ever since I was a baby, I had sensitive skin (sorry mum). As a result, I’m usually really careful with the products I put on my skin and especially my face. I say especially my face because I have a great combination of dry/oily, with a tendency to break-out at any change in my routine. It probably doesn’t help that I wear makeup most days! So generally, I stick with my Chanel Hydra Beauty Hydration Protection Radiance to moisturize after I clean my face every evening, and before I do my makeup in the morning.

Enter the Clarins Hydra-Essential moisturizer. Maybe its the fact that the name sounds eerily similar to my Chanel product (Hydra??) but I was ready and willing to give this product a try when I got it in my Influenster VoxBox. Apologies in advance for the low-quality pictures, I applied this moisturizer at night and decided to review it in the dim-lighting…

UNBOXING: The product arrived with a trial-sized 15mL bottle of the Hydra-Essential, and a product card. The box that the product arrived in is simple and classic, almost medical in its cleanliness. It has a few lines about why this product was created (to “restore radiance and comfort in any environmental condition”), indication for use (normal to dry skin) as well as ingredients and the usual product details. I like that this was made in France, with an 18 month shelf life. The box also comes with a little information packet with more about the inspiration (something about a succulent leaf retaining water?), all in multiple languages.

BOTTLE: The bottle itself is in the most gorgeous shade of blue, evoking memories of my last trip to Greece…I’m sold on the colour thats for sure. Again, it is a simple and clean design, with instructions about a morning and/or evening routine.

FullSizeRender 3

THE PRODUCT: Now to the good stuff! Just like how I’m particular about the products I put on my skin, I am also very particular about the texture of my moisturizers. When I first squeezed out the Hydra- Essential it was a nice thick product that held its form. I was almost worried about the thickness, thinking it might be heavy. Upon application though, the product spread evenly. I used the amount in the below picture for my face and had just a little bit left over, so it has pretty reasonable distribution. On my face, it felt surprisingly light given my initial impression, but still substantial enough to feel like I was getting a good product that could actually moisturize my skin. There was a slightly tacky feel to it, which didn’t quite go away – almost a sheer residue, so I would have preferred it to absorb a bit more. This makes me think it would be best for an evening routine when it has more time to soak in, but not under makeup in the morning.


VERDICT? I have to say, I am a new user to Clarins. Do I like it? Overall yes, it feels like a high quality product, with good moisturizing properties. I wouldn’t use it in my day time routine and I would like it a bit less heavy. However, so far it has been really nice on my skin despite my pickiness. Will it ever fully replace my current moisturizer routine? Thats to be determined, but for now it will definitely be added into the mix.



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