Medelita Scrubs Review

Since I started on Instagram a few months ago, I’ve been privy to the amazing Instagram community that people so often talk about. Of course one of the most fun parts is Instagram contests – and recently, Medelita hosted a contest to win new scrubs. Given I was searching for scrubs, this was perfect for me, and just my luck I actually won! Fast-forward a few weeks and I was excited to see a Medelita package at my door.

THE PACKAGING: the Medelita scrubs came in a simple bag, but well protected. When I opened it, I was so happy to see a handwritten note, congratulating me and telling me a bit about the scrubs. It goes to show that Medelita is a genuine group of people who cares about its customers and the medical community.


THE SCRUBS: I received a beautiful pair of scrubs in the colour Baltic, with my name embroidered on the top. The colour is a deep blue, not quite navy, but a lovely rich colour. Of course my first instinct was to put the scrubs right on and oh my gosh…what a fit. The scrubs were true to size and so flattering. For privacys sake I don’t normally share photos of myself but I was so tempted because, well, I was looking good! I tried the scrubs both tucked in and untucked and either way would be a great way to rock the look. And the comfort…everyone raves about their favourite scrubs being “soft”. I wouldn’t call these soft, because that connotes images of fluffy slippers in my mind. Instead I would say they are sleek and smooth and move naturally. The pants have a nice drawstring that makes it easy to adjust size but like I said they fit perfectly and needed no adjustment whatsoever.

OVERALL: What can I say, except I’m sold. I love these scrubs! Maybe it’s the perfect colour, maybe it’s the flattering cut and style. But count me in…in fact, I’m so impressed that I recently applied to be a Medelita ambassador and I’m so proud to say I was accepted. Like I mentioned at the start, the Instagram community is amazing…but I garauntee the Medelita community is even better. I am looking forward to working and seeing new designs and ideas for the medical community. It’s something I’m passionate about, having designed my own coats and bags to try and meet my need for stylish, practical medical gear. But don’t be fooled, this is the real deal: Medelita products are stylish, high quality, practical, and with well thought out designs.

With that in mind, I’d like to share some of the Instagram community love, along with some Medelita love. If you’d like to try these scrubs for yourself, enter POSHPITUITARY3 at checkout to get 15% off of your next order! Visit to get started.

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