Revlon Mega Multiplier Mascara Review

Once more Influenster has sent me some sponsored products to try out, something I can never say no to. What I do promise? Honest reviews. So here we go, a review of the Revlon Canada Mega Multiplier mascara from unboxing, through travel, and home again.


Like most Influenster products, the mascara came in the signature black Influenster box – I was just excited to see  that it was a Revlon product. Revlon is one of those brands I’ve always been around, my Mum always used their lipstick, so I’m familiar and trust this brand.

IMG_6273As I opened it, there was a bit of tissue paper protecting the best goodies of all inside: mascara! Now let me get one thing straight: I love/hate mascara. I love it like anyone does, it makes your eyelashes that much fuller and darker. But I’m the kind of person who is loyal to winning products, and yet not to mascara. I try new mascaras almost every other day. I’ve yet to find my dream mascara, and instead find bits and pieces I like about each one that I try. So when the opportunity comes up for a new mascara, I’ll be the first one to jump on board and give it a try.

The Revlon Mega Multiplier mascara came with a nice info card. Not going to lie, if my lashes ended up looking like Gwen’s lashes, I would be happy. Do I believe those lashes are real and achievable by this mascara? It probably helps her falsies look good… but that remains to be seen I suppose.


The Product

Now for my very first impression of the mascara – I mean straight out of the packaging and into my hands kind of impression. To be honest, it is a wide and flat tube that immediately made me think of an old school highlighter. Do I hate it? No, but I feel like this tube belongs in a pencil case.

On a closer look, the shape of blue is pretty (I have a thing for blue according to my Clarins Hydra-Essential Review), but more than anything I really liked the black matte portion. It is subtle and sleek and gives it a modern feel. Overall packaging was average but this stepped it up a tiny bit.

The wand starts wider on the handle end and narrows towards the tip, with a round even distribution of brushes. When I first put on the mascara this meant that I really noticed it separating my lashes, which is always a plus. The brush also carried enough product that I wasn’t constantly dipping into the tube, which is definitely a plus.

The Results

Well, this mascara has been through the ringer, the gauntlet, the full kahuna. I decide to take it along on my road trip through upstate NY, and wore it pretty religiously every day. You can see from my failed attempt at pictures that I was really excited to try the mascara: see fail #1 (tube upside down) and fail #2 (squinting so you can’t see the lashes).


Safe to say that I gave up on the cute graffiti wall behind me (thanks Saratoga!) and went for a plain white background, which showed off the length of my lashes at a nice angle. You can really see how the Revlon Mega Multiplier lengthens the lashes and really defines them.  I was also impressed with the staying power – these pictures were on a day around 30 degrees (Celsius, I’m Canadian) and humid. It didn’t smudge or flake which I was actually excited by.


On the other hand, as much as the mascara defined my lashes it didn’t thicken them much. Even with a few coats I found that my lashes weren’t the usual dark thickness that I like. It isn’t the biggest problem but like I said earlier, I’m on the hunt for a perfect mascara.

The Verdict

Overall I was happy with this mascara for what it is: a sponsored product that I was really excited to try out. I’ll keep it in my arsenal and probably keep using it everyday because its a pretty good mascara! That being said, without the thickness factor it won’t be a repurchase for me.

Did you get the Revlon Mega Multiplier Mascara Influenster box? Comment below with your thoughts!

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