Gift Guide for the Stressed Out Med Student

It’s that time of year, when shopping malls are packed, holiday lights are sparkling and gift guides are everywhere. But what about those poor medical students, delaying their winter festivities as they work away on school? Sometimes we get bogged down with end of season homework, exams and rotations and the stress gets a little overwhelming. So while we med students are toiling away and you’re out Christmas shopping, think about us! And if you’re specifically shopping for the stressed out medical student in your life, may I make a few suggestions?

1. Wooden Bathtub Rack


As a busy fourth year medical student, I am always looking for ways to multitask. Sometimes that means doing some reading on the treadmill, but with the cold weather lately I’ve been especially enjoying reading medical journals with a long bath. It feels like I’m still being productive but also getting some down time to treat myself. This bathrack from Amazon is super impressive – it is sturdy and well made, fits almost any tub size, and is cleverly designed to hold a phone, a candle, a wine glass, and a book or iPad. Pretty much the perfect combination in my books!

2. Medelita Underscrubs


Nothing is better than being comfortable around the house – wether studying, lounging, or a mix of both. If you’re looking for something high quality and durable to keep you or your med student cozy, then you need to checkout the Medelita Core One Long Sleeve Tee. Like all of Medelita’s products, it is beautifully designed with a focus on excellent material, and this one will last you from gym to work to home, so really you’re giving multiple gifts with one item, right? Use the code POSHPIT5 to get 20% off your order!

3. Decorative Candles


I don’t know if I speak for everyone, but candles are a staple of self-care and relaxation for me. It immediately just feels luxurious to light one, it seems to calm down the whole atmosphere, and most of them have divine scents that you can’t go wrong with. Personally I’ve had my eye on the Paddywax candles. They have so many unique designs, including some super stylish modern concrete ones, and the smells are unreal. I would recommend the tobacco and patchouli scent!

4. Face Masks


Another example of a simple little thing that just feels luxurious and like a treat. I don’t always have time for a facemask but when I do I feel like patting myself on the back for taking care of myself and my skin. I may or may not have a slight obsession with facemasks and have so many in my arsenal. Somehow though I find myself always going back to the Herbivore Blue Tansy Resurfacing Clarity Mask. When you first put it on it feels light and like it might not be effective, but it always seems to whip my skin into shape. I don’t even like their Lapis Oil which has the same enchanting shade of blue, but I’m currently on my second jar of this stuff because

5. Gym Membership


This one may not be a typical Christmas gift, but if you know your med student well enough, you should have an idea if this is something they would like. Personally, I’m all in. Gym memberships are a great way to stay in shape or burn off some extra steam, but sometimes they can be so expensive! Take the stress of another bill off their hands by getting a one month (or one year if you’re feeling generous!) pass to their favourite gym. Alternative ideas including a new gym bag or gym clothes to help them out.

6. Under Eye Patches


I swear this is not the same category as facemasks, because under eye patches are revolutionary. Facemasks feel nice at the end of a day, but under eye patches just work anytime. Doing your makeup and don’t want something under your eyes to catch your eyeshadow fall off? Eye patch. Exhausted to the point that concealer isn’t enough? Eye patch. Crying over yet another quiz when all you want is eggnog? Eye patch. My personal favourites are the Patchology FlashPatch Eye Gels because they’re thick and hydrating and really stick nicely. Pro tip? Stick them in the fridge for an extra cooling experience – you’ll thank me later.

7. Study Snacks

Screen Shot 2018-11-30 at 3.42.49 PM.png

Sure it may not be the best for your, sure it doesn’t fix everything, but is candy ever really a bad idea? Make your favourite med student feel extra special by picking up a box of the trendy Sugarfina candies. They have so many cute flavours, and these Sparkling Rose Gummy Bears will help them feel like they’re almost enjoying a chilled glass of wine, instead of chugging another coffee. Almost.

8. Plant Growing Kit


Sometimes studying by yourself can get lonely, but getting a puppy might be a bit of an increased commitment. Make things a little easier for them by gifting a cute plan kit, something that is easy to grow and will hopefully live all year round. It will brighten up their space and add some much needed life to a dreary day of studying. I personally think air plants are great because they’re so low maintenance and you can get so many cute ways to display them, like this ceramic hanging planter.

9. Microwaveable Body Wrap


Sometimes when you’re stressed you carry your tension in your shoulders, and if you’re a student this is more likely to be true given time spend hunched over a desk (or the OR table for students on a surgery rotation). As nice as a massage might be, think of something a bit more low key and reusable like a microwaveable body wrap. This one from Origins is infused with lavender and eucalyptus for double the relaxing properties.

10. Black Out Curtains


Another slightly less exciting but totally awesome gift idea: black out curtains. These things can get expensive especially if you want a nice pair, but they’re also super practical. Sometimes your sleep cycle can get messed up depending on your rotation and schedule and this is really nice to help you sleep without sunlight interrupting. Look for a sturdy pair in a colour that matches their decor – many black out curtains only come in black, but these Miuco ones have an array of colour that makes them more appropriate for most rooms!

BONUS: Silk Eye Mask

Want to combine luxury, unexpected surprises, and a great sleep? Consider the Slip Sleep Mask (say that five times fast). Just like their silky pillowcases, these eye masks are made with silk to prevent creases and be super soft.


Overall, there should be lots of options here to get you started on gifting something for your favourite medical student. At the end of the day, think about the little things you can do to alleviate their stress or spoil them a bit. More than anything though, just thought is enough to show you care, and that means more than anything else. Any other gifts you would suggest? Leave a comment below if you have ideas!