Kat Von D Saint and Sinner Perfume Review

My name is Charlotte, and I’m a perfume snob. It’s a problem. I really like the idea of having a signature scent, so I’ve dedicated myself to two, max three, scents that I rotate depending on mood and location.

That being said, my deep love for candles and my selectivity for perfumes means I generally can tell right off the bat exactly what I think of a perfume or scent. I figured this would make reviewing the Kat Von D Saint and Sinner perfumes quite easy. I received these perfumes as part of an Influenster campaign, meaning they were complimentary to me.


As per my previous reviews, there is a certain formula to the Influenster boxes. They generally come with a nifty little hand out that explains the product and has some information about the Influenster campaign. This box however killed it in terms of packaging.

The two small perfumes came in a lovely themed box that really played up the dichotomy of “Saint” and “Sinner”. They had their own packaging with the beautiful detail that reminds me of the full sized product which Kat Von D herself designed. Each package was laid gently in a nest of white and black tissue paper – simple and stylish, but a great touch to the whole thing.

The Product

The perfumes came in a sample size, but still relatively hefty. I feel like this allowed me to get an idea of the scent, get used to wearing it, and maybe have a feel for the real bottle. Unfortunately I can’t really comment on the design because the true to size bottle is much more ornate and of course larger, so these were simpler versions. I received one of each the white “Saint” and the black “Sinner”.


Now onto the actual scent. Remember, perfume snob here. I was pleasantly surprised by the fragrances to be totally honest. Mostly I just liked that there really is a play between the two products. Where the white “Saint” is a little sweeter and has more lightness to it, the black “Sinner” is muskier and heavier to really had some complexity. And yet, they complement each other. I could really see myself having fun mixing and matching the scents, and even layering them strategically.

The Verdict

I have a few final thoughts about this product before I wrap up this (relatively) short review.

As much as I liked the clever packaging and colours, I have a real pet peeve with one part of it. On the little handout that it came with, there was the question “Which will you choose” and the options: “Dreamy, Romantic, Alluring” (Saint) or “Dark, Sultry, Empowering” (Sinner). I really did not like the word choice here. The implication is that we as women should be choosing a “side”. The feminine, soft, innocent look, or the dark but empowering look? Really Kat Von D? A girl can’t be both? More importantly, empowering was only applied to one of these pieces. I hate that empowering a woman has to be associated with only a part of someone’s identity, or even worse, that only a certain personality type can be empowered. NO! Empowering a woman is about enabling her to make her own choices, to live the life she chooses in the way that she is most fulfilled. Wether its white, black, saint, sinner…an empowered woman is not something that we should force someone to chose between. Very poor wording, Kat Von D.


As for the fragrance, I’m really happy I was introduced to these two together. I love the idea of playing between two scents based on the mood I’m in. Honestly if I had picked up either one alone I probably wouldn’t have made much of a fuss over them, but together they’re pretty dynamic. Not quite enough to replace my current scent choices but still a good option if you’re looking to start building a fragrance repertoire.